Golf Lessons

At Mike Simmons Golf School (Mike Golf) we are a golf school that teachers golf to all ages from seniors to adults and children. Junior Golf is the vehicle, more so than by any other sport, by which young boys and girls learn and practice from very tender ages some of life's greatest core values – honesty, responsibility, respect, integrity, confidence, punctuality and perseverance, to mention a few. These are traits that are sadly lacking in many of our adults of the day, but which, through the sport of golf, could influence our youth into becoming upstanding citizens and roll models in their respective communities.

It is a sport which can be played with great fun, whether playing with peers or with others of superior expertise and is probably enjoyed most when played by parent and youngster together. Our golf trainer is experienced in bringing fun and learning together. Over the years, he has had several memorable successes with many junior golfers, and as they mature into good junior tournament players, many make their high school varsity teams and some go on to college on scholarship.
Our golf teacher knows how to teach golf without making it complicated. We encourage getting fundamental golf training to improve your game and your skills.


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